How to Use Geraldo in BTD6


Bloons TD 6 is one of the best tower defense games in the game industry and there are lots of towers that you can build and improve. Also, the game has a few heroes that you can use to make your defense strategy better. One of them is named Geraldo and this character has been added in one of the recent updates. Today are going to talk about this hero and help players to understand his abilities. This guide will tell you how to use Geraldo in BTD6.

Who is Geraldo in BTD6?

BTD6 is a great game and it has a huge amount of towers that you can use to pop balloons. All of them have three different upgrade paths and such a system provides you with a wide choice of strategies.

Heroes are an important part of your strategy just like any tower and today we are going to tell you about the character named Geraldo. He is known for his magic shop where you can buy different items and now we will tell you how you should use this feature.

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How to Use Geraldo in BTD6

Geraldo in BTD6 is a very interesting hero that you can use to beat different challenges. His shop will be especially useful in long runs where you can get the most of it. If you play a challenge level just with a single difficult wave then Geraldo is definitely not a good option.

Geraldo’s shop sells lots of interesting items. There you can find different upgrades that will make your towers more effective. Also, he sells some really useful structures like Shooty Turrets, Creepy Idols, Blade Traps, or Genie Bottles. One of the most unique Geraldo’s items is the Rare Quincy Action Figure which has only a single ability. It becomes worthier with each round and works like an in-game NFT that you can put on the map and sell for a bigger price after a few rounds.

Geraldo is a little bit OP character and he will be very useful on big maps that have a huge number of rounds. His shop makes him really flexible and Geraldo will be a great addition to most strategies. Good luck in your further battles in BTD6!

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How to Use Geraldo in BTD6


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