All Map Easter Eggs in BTD6


BTD6 is an incredibly addictive tower defense game. It has amassed a large fan base because it has many different Towers, Heroes, and Maps. Moreover, the game has many different modes and difficulty levels. Also, players can find various Easter Eggs in the game. And in this guide, we will tell you about all Map Easter Eggs in BTD6.

All Map Easter Eggs in BTD6

By playing BTD6 you can get new Towers, and upgrade them in various ways to suit your playstyle. You can also use different heroes to strengthen your Towers. But also during the game, you can find different Easter eggs on the maps. And here is their entire list:

  • Heroes Getting Angry – If you non-stop clicking on a Hero, he will get angry and tell you to stop.
  • Another Brick – On this map, you can click on the pigeons to scare them away, but after a short time they will fly back.
  • Adora’s Temple – On this map, you must upgrade Adora to level 20 and create a Vengeful True Sun God, then both Towers will turn into Vengeful form, and the map will turn gray-black with bloody waters.
  • Bloonarius Prime – You have to click a few times on the lake in the top right of the map to see an Ester Egg.
  • Carved – On this map, you can click on the Cauldron in the upper right corner to make it bounce and emit green light. You can also put Monkey Submarine or Monkey Buccaneer in it.
  • Candy Falls – On this map, you need to click on the correct dots in the special order to get an achievement that will make your Towers very small. This option can be turned off in the settings.

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  • Frozen Over – On this map, you need to place the Mortar Tower and shoot to destroy the ice that the Monkey is under. Thus, a unique Cave Monkey tower will appear on the map in a random place.
  • Flooded Valley – On this map, you need to click 5 times on the top panel and 5 times on the bottom panel on the dam. Then press the top button and then the bottom button. Next, you will need to click on the huge red button to flood the second part of the map. However, this will cost you $5,000.
  • Lotus Island – On this map, you can click on blooming Lotuses to stun nearby Bloons for 3 seconds. Also, if you summon the Vengeful True Sun God, the Lotus buds will turn purple.
  • Hedge – On this map, you can rotate the statue in the center by clicking on it.
  • The Cabin – To get the Easter Egg on this map, click on a few dots in the correct order.
  • Ravine – On this map, you will need to click 24 times on the sword in the stone. After that, the sword will attack the strongest Bloon on the map.
  • #OUCH – When you play this map in October, the water turns to acid. Moreover, if you remove the acid for $1000, you will see a completely unsuspicious red balloon in the sewers. What could It be?

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All Map Easter Eggs in BTD6


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