CT Points is the main score that decides your team’s placement in BTD6 Contested Territories event leaderboards. The underlying goal of the BTD6 Contested Territories event is to gather as many CT Points as you can by capturing and holding Tiles to stay at the top. And our guide on how to get more CT Points in BTD6 Contested Territories will help you and your team stay at the top of the leaderboards. 

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So, without any further ado! Let us check out the tips that will help you collect more CT Points in BTD6 Contested Territories.

How to Get More CT Points in BTD6 Contested Territories

You can get CT Points in BTD6 Contested Territories whenever you capture a Tile. The event offers a collection of 169 hexagon-shaped tiles where the corner represents the starting point of every team. From there, each team can capture adjacent tiles to get Team Trophies and CT Points. 

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Players can use the Team Trophies to get items from the Team Store in the BTD6 Contested Territories event section. While the CT Points are the deciding factor for your team’s placement in the entire event. 

You can get more CT Points by capturing the Banner Tiles—a little difficult to capture, but they reward you with more CT Points, around 40 at once. Capturing Relic Tiles in BTD6 Contested Territories rewards you with 20 CT Points. So, we recommend you take the path that has more Banner Tiles than Relic Tiles. However, if your goal is to get more Team Trophies while obtaining CT Points, then go for both Banner Tiles and Relic Tiles. 

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Keep in mind! If you hold a captured Tile, you will get more CT Points every hour. So, make sure no other team captures your already captured Tile. 

BTD6 is currently available on Android, iOS, PC, and macOS platforms.

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How to Get More CT Points in BTD6 Contested Territories


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