Effects are particular characteristics you can apply to a potion while crafting. In Potion Craft, you get myriad offensive and defensive effects from a brew. As a result, players get overwhelmed when looking for a particular category of effects, such as protection effects. In this guide, we will share details on how you can get protection effects in Potion Craft. 

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How to Get Protection Effect in Potion Craft

In Potion Craft, you can get protection effects by crafting the respective potions using the Water or Oil maps

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When writing this guide, we have around six protection effects that, if you count Anti-Magic, which nullifies magic. 

  • Acid Protection 
  • Anti-Magic 
  • Fire Protection 
  • Frost Protection 
  • Lightning Protection 
  • Poison Protection 

We recommend you use the below shared Oil map to get the respective protection effect, as crafting them using the water map takes extra ingredients and has a few restrictions. 

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If you follow The Alchemist Path, during Chapters VI and VII, you will get the objective to craft a protection effects potion. Once again, you can use the above map to take the path to get the respective protection potion. 

As for the exact recipe, it is yet to be known. We will update the article with new information when we learn the exact recipes to get the different protection effects. 

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That concludes our guide on how to get protection effects in Potion Craft. 

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Potion Craft is a simulation game on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. 

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How to Get Protection Effect in Potion Craft


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