How to Get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft The Wild Update beta is available

Music discs have been a part of Minecraft Bedrock Edition since its launch. Major Minecraft updates often bring new music discs to the game. Usually, music discs have interesting names related to the tunes played by them. However, The Wild Update introduced a music disc with an odd name, “5”. In this guide, we will tell help you get music disc 5 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Music Disc 5 Crafting Guide

Music disc 5 is the first craftable music disc in Minecraft. Other music discs are treasure items usually found via looting treasure chests. Music disc 5 is still pretty rare as players will need to collect and restore disc fragments to make music disc 5.

Crafting Music Disc 5
Combine 9 disc fragments to make Music Disc 5

Disc fragments are found inside loot chests found in ancient cities. Players will have to explore deep dark caves to discover ancient cities. Ancient cities have tons of loot chests scattered all over the place.

Nine disc fragments are required to make one music disc 5. Players can find enough disc fragments from a single ancient city if lucky. Otherwise, players will have to scavenge more ancient cities.

After obtaining nine disc fragments, place them on a crafting table to make music disc 5 in Minecraft. That’s it! You have successfully crafted a music disc 5.

How to Play Music Disc 5 in Minecraft

Other than being craftable, 5 is just like other music discs in Minecraft. Players can play music disc 5 by inserting it into a jukebox. To craft a jukebox, you only need one diamond and eight planks of any type. Place the jukebox and insert music disc 5 to start playing it.

Before playing 5, players should know that it is filled with creepy and horrifying sounds. Music disc 5 has noises from the Overworld’s deepest and darkest depths. If you have any queries about music disc 5, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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How to Get Music Disc 5 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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