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How to Get More Nests in Peridot

How to Get More Nests in Peridot
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In Peridot, Nests are what adult Dots use to create baby Dots in the Hatch A Dot process. These items are pretty scarce, so many in the community are wondering where to find more Nests—that way, they can create a lot more baby Dots and discover more traits and archetypes. If that is the case for you, read on to learn how to get more Nests in Peridot.

Where to find more Nests in Peridot

If you played Peridot during the beta stage, you might be wondering where all the Nest Parts have gone. Previously, Nest Parts could be discovered like other foraged items, but that mechanic has been removed as the game was rolled out for everyone.

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Currently, one Nest is offered when you start playing Peridot, to get you started in your Hatch A Dot journey. These Nest items are considered consumables, as they can only be used once, and you need to obtain more Nests to continue to Hatch A Dot in the future.

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Extra Nests can be purchased from the Peridot store as a single Nest or in bundles. A single Nest costs $5, which is pretty expensive, considering it is an essential part of the gameplay and the only way to Hatch A Dot. Bundles are a better deal, but still not a great option if you are trying to keep the game free-to-play.

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There is some contention in the community about the prices of Nests, so hopefully the team behind Peridot will address the issue and revise their pricing system. Until then, you can either treat yourself to a Nest or two, or only use your free Nest to Hatch A Dot.

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How to Get More Nests in Peridot