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How to Take Care of Your Pet in Peridot

How to Take Care of Your Pet in Peridot
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Take your Peridot pet everywhere you go when you travel, work, and play! These adorable little creatures can be hatched and nurtured from babies to adults as long as you keep them happy. Despite being simple creatures, they have specific needs that you have to keep an eye on to make sure your pet is happy and growing. In this guide, you can learn how to take care of your Pet in Peridot.

How to nurture your Dot Pet in Peridot

Each pet in Peridot has its own likes and wants. Their current desires can be found by tapping the scroll icon on your screen. Complete each one to help your Dot grow and mature into an adult, and remember to stay happy—when they are happy, they are more likely to make friends and court other Peridots. When courting another Peridot, they will eventually Hatch-A-Dot, and you could choose an egg to hatch and add to your collection.

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As any good pet owner knows, the way to your pet’s heart is through its stomach, so feed it some of its favorite treats! Sandwiches are a great source of food, but you also get to learn what your Dot’s own favorite treats are, as they tell you about it in their Desires.

Any food you have can be found in your Brown Satchel, on the bottom right of your screen. Tap on it to choose what to give your pet. To gain more food for your bag, draw a circle on any surface, which makes your Dot dig around to find food, treats, or even Tennis Balls!

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Inside your bag is also a choice to play Fetch with your Dot. Tap on the Tennis Ball icon, then tap and flick to throw the ball. Different balls are available, and sometimes your Dot tells you which ball they prefer to play with.

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Your Peridot also loves a good walk, and if you can take a short daily walk, the Dot will be at its happiest! Check your Daily and Weekly quests to see how much XP and Sundrops you could earn. Sundrops are used when your Peridot is courting another, and they need a little gift to give their new friend.

To check on your Dot’s happiness and hunger levels, look at the bars at the bottom left of your screen. Make sure these are full, and you will have a happy and healthy pet Peridot!

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How to Take Care of Your Pet in Peridot