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Which Egg to Choose in Peridot

Which Egg to Choose in Peridot
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Nurturing your pet is essential in Peridot so that it can grow into a happy and healthy adult ready to create more mini Dots. Once it has found a friend to make a baby with, the player will get the option to choose one of three available eggs. Each will have a unique coloring and pattern that reflects what the baby Dot looks like inside, but which egg should you choose in Peridot? Let’s find out!

Peridot Hatch-A-Dot Guide

When you load Peridot for the first time you will be give the choice of three eggs. Pick one, and it will hatch your very first pet! This pet, as you will notice, will have the same coloring as the egg shell you chose. This will be the same case when you eventually get to hatch another Dot later on but that will have to wait until you have nurtured, fed, and played with your Dot until has grown into an adult. As you can see in the image below, the Egg I chose was gold and black, so I ended up with my bright golden Dot with black stripes!

Image via Niantic/Twitter

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The breeding process in Peridot is called Hatch-A-Dot and it can produce some amazing looking pets. When two adults get together and decide to go through the Hatch-A-Dot process they will end up with three Eggs. Each Egg is unique, just like each Dot pet is unique, and the outer shell will have different coloring and patterns.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

The choice of Egg is really down to personal preference as you can’t see what Traits and Archetypes the Dot will have before it is hatched. Traits are easier to predict as these are the ‘building blocks’ of how your Dot will look and are inherited by each Peridot adult who is involved in the Hatch-A-Dot process. An Archetype is the specific type of Dot the pet will be, for instance Clownfish or Celestial.

Which ever Egg you choose when playing Peridot, you are bound to have a super cute Dot, just remember the pattern and color of the shell is what you are deciding on!

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Which Egg to Choose in Peridot