How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft mob heads

When talking about decorations, Minecraft has lots of blocks and items just for beautifying builds. Out of all decorative blocks, mob heads are one of the rarest to obtain. This guide will help you get mob heads in Minecraft Java Edition.

What are Mob Heads and How to Obtain them in Minecraft Java Edition

As obvious from its name, a mob head is simply a headgear featuring a mob’s head. In vanilla Minecraft, there are only five mob heads:

  • Creeper
  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Ender Dragon

Here is how you can get all the mob heads in Minecraft:

1. Creeper, Zombie, and Skeleton

When a charged creeper explodes near a creeper, zombie, or skeleton, it kills them and makes them drop their mob heads. This is the only way to get creeper, zombie, and skeleton mob heads in Minecraft.

If you didn’t know, charged creepers are a special variant of creepers created after lightning strikes. As the chances of a lightning bolt naturally hitting a creeper is minuscule, you will have to use a trident enchanted with Channeling to convert creepers into charged creepers.

Channeling enchantment helps you create charged creepers during thunderstorms. Beware of charged creepers as they cause a more powerful explosion with a bigger radius than regular creepers.

2. Wither Skeleton

Wither skeletons are rare mobs exclusively found in nether fortresses in Minecraft. When a player defeats a wither skeleton, it has a mere 2.5% chance of dropping a wither skeleton skull. You can increase the drop rate to 5.5% by using a sword enchanted with Looting III. With a wither skeleton farm, you can get wither skeleton skulls quickly.

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3. Ender Dragon

Contrary to popular belief, the Ender Dragon head is not obtained via defeating the Ender Dragon. Ender Dragon heads are attached to the flying ships found in end cities. However, you will have to beat the final boss to unlock end cities. Ender Dragon mob head is quite large compared to other mob heads.

Mob heads can be used as headgear but do not provide any armor points. Instead of wearing them, you can use mob heads to decorate the walls of your base.

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How to Get Mob Heads in Minecraft Java Edition


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