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The Mechanical Glove is one of the hardmode accessories in Terraria that enhances the melee weapons’ knockback, damage and speed by 12%.

It also enables auto swing for all the melee weapons and whips and boosts their size by 10% in the desktop version. Moreover, the Mechanical Glove is one of the main ingredients required to craft a Fire Gauntlet.

So, let’s look at how players can get Mechanical Glove in the game.

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How to get Mechanical Glove in Terraria?

Terraria - Mechanische Handschuhe herstellen (Mechanical Glove Recipe) -  YouTube
Obtaining Terraria’s Mechanical Glove

The Mechanical Glove can only be obtained in Terraria by crafting Power Glove and Avenger Emblem. Once the players have these items, they can craft them at Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Even though it’s used to produce Fire Gauntlet, the Mechanical Glove is considered a worthy choice over the former. This is perhaps the primary reason why it’s observed as one of the vital accessories in the Terraria.

How to get Power Glove in Terraria?

The Power Glove is a craftable weapon in Terraria. Players can craft it using a Titan Glove, Feral Claws, and Tinkerer’s Workshop. Once you have the required items, go to a Tinkerer’s Workshop and craft yourself a Power Glove.

How to get Avenger Emblem in Terraria?

The only way to get Avenger Emblem is by defeating each mechanical boss and combining their essences with an emblem dropped from the wall of flesh at the Tinkerer workshop.

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