How to Get Lumamber Premium Currency in Alchemy Stars

How to Get Lumamber Premium Currency in Alchemy Stars

Lumambers are blue diamond-shaped glowing crystals that serve as premium currency in Alchemy Stars. The in-game description says that it is gems that were refined from polishing Lumocrystals. Lumamber is extremely valuable and can be used as currency anywhere. Like most premium currencies, it has some specific ways of obtaining and using. This guide will tell you about all ways to get Lumamber and how to use it.

How to Obtain Lumamber Premium Currency in Alchemy Stars

Lumamber is a premium currency in Alchemy Stars, so it has some specific ways to be obtained. The first way is one-times which means that you can obtain Lumamber here only once. It is a First-clear reward for stages and Special Events. You will get some of the currency after you finished a mission for the first time but you won’t get Lumamber if you completed it again.

The second way to obtain the premium currency is the Monthly Pass. It gives you 100 Lumamber per day for 30 days (3000 Lumamber in total). Also, you can get some Lumamber with different Gift Packs or quests.

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The last way to obtain Lumamber is to exchange it for Lumocrystals. These are donate-type of currency which you will need to buy with real money.

How to Use Lumamber in Alchemy Stars

Lumamber has plenty of uses in Exclusive Beginner’s Recruitment Event. You can buy Star Flares and Special Star Flares there with 300 Lumabers on the Recruitment menu. These are serving as Gacha for Alchemy Stars. Also, you can replenish Prisms with Lumamber. These are used to enter different stages.

Lumamber is one of the most valuable currencies in Alchemy Stars as it is used in obtaining Gacha and replenishing energy. Use it wisely and don’t waste on things you don’t need.

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How to Get Lumamber Premium Currency in Alchemy Stars


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