Alchemy Stars’ Hiiro: Everything you Need to Know

Alchemy Stars' Hiiro guide

Alchemy Stars is a new game with a Gacha system. In this game, you will need to collect characters, level them up, and make them stronger. All playable characters have a special element dedicated to them and you need to build up your team based on the element system. Today we are going to look at Hiiro, the commander of the third Legion of Illumina Federation.

Hiiro Skills in Alchemy Stars

Hiiro in Alchemy Stars has two skills.

The first one is Chain Combo – Afterglow. Hiiro has the same CC as the Aeria and it also has some similarities with the Tessa. For Hiiro it will be good to own two tile CC on her if a player is running low on the long tile-matching, and it is good to short the distance with the enemy you want to hit.

Hiiro’s active skill is Crimson Sakura. It allows her to convert any of the tiles on the board. Also, it deals damage on a crossed shape to a maximum range with a source of a converted tile.

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Hiiro’s Equipment Skill is the one with the Duel. It causes a huge amount of damage within a large AOE. Also, it has the best ST damage if you are able to replenish the equipment. It works simply. Hiiro is attacking the tile with the enemy on it. Then, you can use that tile to generate damage. Also, Hiiro can get a damage boost if you managed to trigger the passive enough times.

Hiiro Team in Alchemy Stars

In your team in Alchemy Stars, Hiiro is a better fit as captain. If you are building up your team around Hiiro, you need to use her with duel as much as you can. In order to do it, you will need to make enhanced tiles. So, you have to look for the forest Roster who is working with enhanced tiles. Here is an example of a good team: Hiiro, Oct, Uriah, Flex, Gabriel.

Hiiro is a great damage dealer and worthy enough to play with. Good luck in your further matches.

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Alchemy Stars’ Hiiro: Everything you Need to Know


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