volcanic stone in alchemy stars

Alchemy Stars is one of the most interesting current releases. Developed by Tencent Game it has a grid-based combat system and nice 3D models. This guide explains how to obtain and use one of the in-game items, the Volcanic Stone. It is an interesting thing and a lot of players may have a wish to get and use it. So, let’s find out where to find it.

How to Obtain Volcanic Stone in Alchemy Stars

You can obtain this item through an event called Eye of the Storm. This event has time-limited stages. The requirement to accesses these stages is a­ fully cleared Main stages 1-16. There are two different parts for time-limited stages: “Where the Wind Rises” and “Homebound”. The first one is the basic stage while the second one is the challenge. Important note: these two stages won’t be available after the event ends.

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During the event, players can get special event currency. It calls “Wrench Nut Emblem event token”. You can exchange these event tokens in a special Time-Limited Event Store for materials and other valuable stuff. When you have enough tokens to buy the thing you need you just need to go to The Highway Store and choose the desired item. There are a couple of rewards you can get and Volcanic Stone is one of them. It cost 4,000 event tokens.

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How to Use Volcanic Stone in Alchemy Stars

After you paid 4,000 special event tokens and got your Volcanic Stone you need to open the Placed Decoration tab in Alchemy Stars and find it. The in-game description says that it is a rock found in Red-Eye Gorge that contains a small amount of volcanic power and feels hot to touch. However, despite this epic description, it is just another decoration item. It may be a good item for you if you are a collector, in other cases, it is better to buy something more useful.

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