Mobility is an important aspect of Alchemy Stars, though it’s not as quantifiable as it is in other games. Your mobility is directly tied to the color of the tiles on the battlefield, but some units are able to ignore that altogether with the ability to teleport. Here are some of Alchemy Stars’ best mobility units in the game!


Sharona’s active skill enables her to teleport to a nearby locatrion to deal heavy damage to enemies in the surrounding clusters. She’s great for moving around and attacking at the same time.


Michael’s active skill lets him dash to a target location, dealing damage to any enemies he collides with en route.

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Migard’s active skill lets her teleport to any location within three surrounding clusters. She has one of the strongest teleportation skills of the entire cast, as it gives her a lot of mobility.


Philyshy’s active skill lets her teleport to any location within her surrounding cluster. She will also heal the team’s HP equal to 250% of her attack, making her quite the mobile healer.


Corax can teleport to just about anywhere on the battlefield. He deals damage to any enemies caught in his teleportation path.


Rabbie’s active skill lets her teleport to a nearby location, dealing damage to enemies in the target location’s cluster.

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Wendy’s active skill lets her put down a special feather on her current tile. She can reactivate her active skill at any time to immediately return to the tile with the feather.

Those are some of the best mobility units in the game right now. If you have any other units you’d like to mention, please let us know in the comments below!

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