Snipers are one of the four unit classes in Alchemy Stars. Among the other unit classes, Snipers are generally perceived as the straightforward damage dealers. Their active skills and chain combos usually involve them directly attacking enemies and dealing high amounts of damage.

There are roughly 13 Snipers in Alchemy Stars, so they’re a much smaller group than the other units. We’ll show you all the best snipers right now in our Alchemy Stars’ best Sniper units guide!


Like the other Old Seal units, Frostfire has the unique vis mechanic where she generates vis at the start of every round and whenever she eliminates an enemy with her active. Her active skill deals 180% damage to a single target with slightly reduced damage to targets adjacent to the original target. The biggest thing is that every time she uses her active, it gains 10% more power. The longer a stage goes on, the stronger she’ll get!

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Migard’s active skill allows her to teleport to a location and deal 250% to nearby enemies. If there’s only one target in the affected area, her active skill will deal double damage. Every time her active takes out an enemy, its damage is increased by 15% for the remainder of the stage, stacking up to ten times. This extremely powerful active skill is what makes Migard one of the best snipers around.


Mythos is another Old Seal unit that utilizes vis to strengthen her active skill. It costs 10 vis to use her active skill that deals 150% damage to all enemies in a selected direction. This active skill expends all of her vis, and its damage is increased by 8% for every point of vis used. Build up vis with Mythos, then unleash it all in one powerful blast.


Wrath overwhelms enemies with rapid-fire attacks in a single turn. Her active skill puts her in the overcharge state, which makes her chain combo hit twice in a row. Combine this with her equipment skill, which increases the amount of damage dealt by her chain combo to bring on the heat!


Schwartz is one of the best boss killers and all-around damage dealers in the game. His active skill allows him to hit every enemy on the field for 300% damage, plus an additional 10% of each target’s current HP. His active skill’s damage also increases the higher his defense is, up to 5%. In short, Schwartz is can deal amazing damage from just about anywhere on the field.

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Kafka is probably the purest form of a sniper. Her active skill allows her to fire in any of the eight directions around her, dealing 120% damage to all enemies along the way. She can power up her active skill by running over yellow tiles, which increases her active skill damage by 4%, stacking up to 99 times!

Those are some of the best Snipers in the game right now. If you have any other units you’d like to mention, please let us know in the comments below!

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