Summoner’s Greed is filled with different monsters you need to collect. They are obtainable via different in-game activities. Some of them are easy to get while some of them are not. Legendary monsters are the ones that are strong but difficult to obtain. The harder the character to get the stronger it should be. That is how the balance in the game usually works. So, you may want to get all of these legendary monsters in your collection and we want to help you. This guide will tell you how to get legendary monsters in Summoner’s Greed.

How to Obtain Legendary Monsters in Summoner’s Greed

The total amount of these characters is not that big in the game. Currently, there are 11 legendary monsters in Summoner’s Greed. The full list of them consists of the next monsters:

  • Archangel Casielle
  • Archangel Amael
  • Archangel Malak
  • Deathbite
  • Frostbite
  • Puffy
  • Lightning
  • Ash
  • King Slime
  • Felina
  • Kevin

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All of them but two are obtainable via regular summons. There are three types of the last ones. The type of the summon determines the rarity of characters that will drop out of there. So the lower your summon rank the bigger chance that you will get less rare character. All of the summon types call simply: Common or Above, Rare or Above, Epic or Above. You can pull a legendary monster out of any of these, but the best summon guarantees you the best reward.

Only two legendary monsters cannot be simply pulled out. These are King of Slime and Deathbite. You will need to complete The Join Revenge stage on Normal and Hard difficulty. When you will complete this one, you will be able to pull out King of Slime and Deathbite like other legendary monsters.

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