Summoner’s Greed is a charming idle tower defense game where you have to beat wave after wave of incoming enemies. It all gets more difficult, but with the perfect strategy and solid monsters unlocked, it’s all doable. And that’s what we’re here to talk about: some Summoner’s Greed cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide!

Although extremely repetitive, this game is also rewarding. And the best part is that you can mostly let it run on your device that’s resting on your desk and only interact with it every now and then for the most part. But we’ll have everything covered in today’s guide for Summoner’s Greed!

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Summoner’s Greed tips and tricks in our complete guide!

Always start from the beginning
Unless you really want to pass a specific stage and you really know you can do it with the double damage offered by the ad option, then you should always restart the game from level 1.

This gives you the chance to collect a lot of gold coins along the way and, even though a bit boring to go through all the stages again, it’s extremely useful. The coins are valuable at all times and you will need buckets of them in order to level up all your monsters to get as far as possible.

Take advantage of the ads
Ads are usually annoying in games, but in Summoner’s Greed they’re not that bad. You get the option to watch a video ad every now and then and you should definitely take it, especially when you get the option to receive free Gems or increase the coins dropped by monsters.

If you’re at a high level already, the offer that doubles your damage is extremely useful too, but otherwise… not so much. Just make sure that you really take advantage of these offers and they can really help you go forward fast.

Monster Upgrades & level ups
One very important upgrade that you can buy from the bottom left menu is one that I saw only after reaching wave 30, and it would’ve been a lot easier with it! It’s the Monster attack boost which can be purchased twice: once with regular coins and once with Gems.

The coins one gives you 10% attack boost (permanent) and increases by 1% with each new purchase, while the Gems one gives you 10% attack boost – also permanent – and increases by 5% with each new purchase.

Make sure that you buy at least the first levels of each in order to get a massive overall boost early on and have an easier life in the game.

Afterwards, you should focus on leveling up your monsters and spells, while unlocking new ones as often as possible.

When you get the option to use 30 orbs for rare and above monsters, only go for that from that moment on because the common monsters aren’t good. Also go for the Gem unlocks whenever you have the chance – you really need top Heroes in order to get as far as possible, and the best ones available in the game too!

Best team set-up
Once you pass wave 30, things start to get a bit more complicated and you have to think a bit of strategy and really pay attention to the monsters that you place on the limited spots and also the ones that you send in battle.

There are definitely multiple approaches that work, but here is the line-up that I am using with a lot of success so far:

Front row, speedy in the middle. Second row, mighty in the middle. Place decent damage dealers to their sides: your best heroes in the top row and second best ones in the middle row and you will go as far as possible.

The rarer heroes are the best choices – just bring the best that you have into battle, place them to the sides of the boosters and you’re set for a very long run in the game.

I consider heroes like Ash, Frostbite and Teddy to be particularly good. Make sure that you place Teddy to a side, for example, in order to get the most effect for his skill.

Do the same with every hero you place on the board: make sure that they’re in a place where their skill becomes the most useful.

Use your spells for maximum advantage
The Freeze spell is not useful for a pretty long time, so focus your upgrades on the Fireball since a lot of damage is what is extremely useful early on.

But you should also make sure that you use the spells at the optimum time to get the most out of them. Usually, it’s best to use the spells in combination: freeze a group of enemies first, then fireball them while your other heroes are dealing massive damage as well.

Take in mind the cooling time required by each and try to save the spells for two important stages: the boss fights and the ones where the massive warriors that target the rocks appear.

This would be it – our tips and tricks for Summoner’s Greed in a complete guide. If you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by publishing your comment below.


  1. This post was terrible. “Cheats”? There are no cheats in this. Luciano, you’re terrible at this, get a real job. And a life.

  2. Sorry but,
    A] common summons are a MUCH greater option, especially looking forward to the later game. This becomes a large source of your gold.
    B] Fireball and lightning are useful for very little content (while seeming op amongst unlocking). Deep freeze becomes your best friend and I recommend maxing it out.
    C] Best layout is top row: mighty and speedy on left and right with your highest damage dealer in the middle [Sparky is a great option too] the rest of your layout doesn’t matter much, just focus on your mighty from the early game, it is the best monster in the game [Besides slime king :p]

    Hope this helps, I’ve been playing about 4…5..months and cleared joint revenge hard mode. These tips took me a long way, and I hope they help you too ;-)

  3. Id have the disagreee with the summon for rare and above because 3 heroes are better then just one cause chances of rares are that hard so the 10 summon imo is better and also the fact i think that you should always try keep 300 gold on you for when the seller comes and offers u 10 gems for 300 coins

    • I save my coins for the 10 orbs offer and level ups because 300 gold for 10 gems seem a bit much and if that offer appears several times in a row…you’ll run out of coins quickly

  4. For those who wants to do a quick speedrun:
    1) When starting the game, just farm, don’t bother with x2 damage ads for now and just reset and start over from lvl 1 whenever you lose. (Starting out, gem, double gold and maybe orb ads are your best friend. Save those gems up for later)
    2) Make sure you buy the first upgrade for Monster attack boost and Super monster attack boost, gets you a quick 20% attack boost for the rest of the game (wished I knew this earlier e.e)
    3)Keep rolling those 10 orb commons rolls, way better than rare rolls imo (also statistically better for getting epics and legends). Also, do NOT roll for epics using gems, I repeat do NOT waste your gems on those. It’s not worth it. If you feel like getting some epics or legends, just stick with the regular common rolls, don’t waste your gems for those yet trust me not worth it.
    4) Now this one is the important part, this is wholly my opinion, but once you get good epic, or legendary if you’re lucky enough to have one already, that has a skill that can deal aoe damage (I used Infernus in my case since he has an aoe flame that is casted in a 2 1/2 blocks radius to his sides and 2 blocks raidus up and down, with the rocks as measure, allowing for easier mob clears) monster at the very front, in the middle, and have Mighty and Speedy next to that monster, makes for a great idle farming strat. You will however have to upgrade that monster quite a bit until it becomes a viable strat to idle farm any level/mode, but just focus on upgrading that monster, mighty and speedy, but mostly that monster. DON’T waste any gold upgrading anything else at that point, unless you get a better monster, say a legend.
    5) Save up your gems for double monster attack first, 500 may seem to be quite a bit but you can get it in less than a day of playing the game, given that you watch the gem ads since it actually helps to watch those at this point in time. You don’t want to be buying anything the sellers selling so far since you want to focus on saving your gold for upgrading your main monster right now, so no to orbs, gems, or summoning stones. After getting double monster attack, save up for double gold since it’s cheaper than double gems and helps you get gold faster and progress faster.
    6) When you can, farm Joint Revenge. This map is SO AMAZING when you first unlock it. It has bosses starting on wave 2, and it has bosses basically every 2 waves after that, to which you can farm an exorbitant amount of orbs and gold. I’ve done some calculations, and it’s around 20k gold and 300 orbs each run. That’s a lot, and you’ll prob not be able to do the whole thing. But just start farming it when you can, you’ll notice the difference and see how efficient it is to farm this map instead. Also I forgot to mention it, but don’t bother farming the hard modes for The King or for Ragefist Chieftain, not worth the time imo, I just cleared it to have it as cleared xD
    7) And finally, when you beat Join Revenge on normal, which I did my second day playing, with my infernus at level 200 with the mighty and speedy strat. Start upgrading your slime king, Doesn’t matter if you have another legendary, just upgrade Slime King. I may not speak for anyone else, but i wholly believe that Slime King is the single best legendary in terms of how good his skill is, able to hit anything on the map dealing damage and stunning them for 2 seconds, sounds like a farm champ to me lol. You can choose to have the slime king in the same spot as your original main monster, or have him, mighty and speedy in the middle, like what i did, doesn’t really matter at this point. I mean like, get him high enough level and he solo stomps anything and everything.
    8) K, real last thing, hard versions of the maps don’t give extra gold or orbs, and if they do, it’s not really that much more if any. But if you can easily stomp Joint Revenge hard, then hey might as well farm that instead, basically same diff now anyways. Only map that different diff gives more rewards is Evil Summoner, which will give you the Power Stones needed to get your monsters past level 400, so yea. Also don’t bother with special monsters, they’re useless af, at least for now.

    Sorry if it’s hard ot read or understand, didn’t really bother organizing so :P

    Ima just write some extra stuff here if anyone wants to bother reading,
    (Also I don’t exactly too clearly since I cleared them a few days ago and wasn’t planning on doing this)

    all normal
    – Cleared The King with Mighty (Level 40-50?), Infernus (Level 80?), and Speedy (Level 3-4?)
    – Cleared Ragefist Chieftain with Mighty (Level 90?), Infernus (Level 140?), and Speedy (Level 6?)
    – Cleared Join Revenge with Mighty (Level 140?), Infernus (Level 190?), and Speedy (Level 8?)

    all hard
    – Kinda didn’t bother testing out when you can beat The King or Ragefist Chieftain so ima approximate
    – The King, Mighty (~Level 75), Infernus (~Level 120), and Speedy (~Level 5) since The King hard is easier than Ragefist normal
    – Ragefist Chieftain, Mighty (~Level 120), Infernus (~Level 170), and Speedy (~Level 6-7)
    – Joint Revenge, Mighty (Level 225), Slime King (Level 375), and Speedy (Level 8-9, You should just max speedy out at 10 at this point though -.-)

    Delta out ;C

    • Single Best strategy yet, I was about to J-bait myself until I read this, Clear an to the point:
      1) Regular summon until you have at least Mighty, Speedy, and 1 legendary.
      2) Focus on only these 3 from this point forward and follow the guide by Delta. (No other guide seamed to really give a definite strategy other than his.)

    • Delta your strategy is the best if come across. I was barley clearing wave 20 on normal in the ragefist chieftain. I did just what you said and I cleared the whole section. Also I found out that if you have double coin and/or 100% damage, you can refresh their duration if you close the app and reopen it before they expire, essentially keeping the bonuses for the whole run. I think they would otherwise expire after five rounds but I could be wrong. P.s. you can’t spam a treasure goblin this way… I tried

  5. Idk what happened but my king at level 330 costs over 6000 to upgrade is two bronze star, and does 23467641 dmg without hoosts from my level 250 mighty, it can solo everything but joint revenge hard with the two buffs

  6. That stray works. Beat game in a few days and am charging towards completion. Infernus works best with mighty/speedy strat because of ale range but it does take a little longer to get it online. But once it works it’s free farming. Joint Revenge is also only 20 levels. So much for value in return for time spent and get here ASAP. From there have fun and work your way to max everything. Much quicker and simpler than any other strat. Also the summoning advice was correct and I earned over 4000 gems in 3 days leaving my phone on at work. You don’t have to spend on this game. 2x makes it a hellaofallot quicker tho. $2.99

  7. So I found out that as long as you close the app and reload it before the coin and/or damage boosts expire, it refreshes them and as long as you don’t lose, you can keep them in the next run of waves. They also stack and I’m at 8X on the coins right now. Really racking up the money right now.


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