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How to Get Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart – Weapon Guide

How to Get Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart – Weapon Guide
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The Kalash AK-47 is a powerful assault rifle in Atomic Heart that you can use to take down hostile robots quickly. It is one of the few guns in the game with a high fire rate and damage, which you can further enhance using different upgrades and cartridges to make your experience a little less daunting. 

However, since the Kalash AK-47 is not available to players from the get-go, and there is no option to buy or pick up the weapon in the open world, many struggle to obtain the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart. 

Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide on how to get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart. 

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How to Get Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart

In Atomic Heart, you can get the Kalash AK-47 from Nora once you have obtained its blueprint. Now you might be wondering where to find the Kalash AK-47 blueprint. Well! The answer is at the Vavilov Complex. 

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Progress the game till you reach the Vavilov Complex. When you arrive at this said location, make your way to the room called Cold Lab. There you will find a few canisters you must fill with plants to access a chest holding the Kalash AK-47 blueprint. 

However, in case you didn’t know, weapon blueprints and other such things in Atomic Heart are random. So, while most of you can get the Kalash AK-47 blueprint from Cold Lab, if you missed the area and have progressed the game, you can still obtain the Kalash AK-47 blueprint from another chest that you open down the line. 

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If you manage to get hold of the Kalash AK-47 from Cold Lab, it’s all good and fine. If not, we recommend you check out this handy video guide that showcases the Kalash AK-47 blueprint spawn at Testing Ground 8. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more news, guides, and features, check out our section dedicated to the game.

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How to Get Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart – Weapon Guide


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