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How to Get Garlic in Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Tips & Guide

How to Get Garlic in Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Tips & Guide
Credit to Tapblaze
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Garlic girls (and boys) rise up! In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you can unlock the viral ingredient as an ingredient in the game. This article will cover how to get garlic in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. No garlic confit though, this isn’t TikTok.

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How to Cook with Garlic in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

making two pizzas in good pizza great pizza
Credit to Tapblaze

To access garlic as a topping, all you need to do is make it to chapter 4 of the main story of the game. At that point, you’ll unlock the garden, where you can plant and cultivate all different kinds of vegetables to put on pizzas in the restaurant. The real goal is getting there though, as you’ll have to finish the requirements of the first three chapters.

Part 1: How to Finish Chapter 1 in Good Pizza Great Pizza

To finish part one, all you have to do is make it to the 22nd business day, there are no special quests or endgame projects to complete. Make sure to purchase the toppings as they become available so that you can increase your revenue and income, you can usually do this when you conclude a day. Fun fact: the story’s outcome can vary depending on the choices you make during gameplay. Let’s just say, it pays to be kind sometimes!

Part 2: Facing Off Against The Stewards

Chapter two is where things get a little bit more complicated because you need to complete the trials for the six stewards, new characters that show up here. It’s basically a group of foodies who want to see if you’re truly the pizza master people claim you are, you just need to complete each of their pizza orders correctly to pass. Finishing all of that will get you to part three.

Part 3: The Convention Saga

Chapter three has you moving on up from pleasing the local groups to taking your skills to conventions. The goal here is to impress the judges at Pizzapalooza and make them pizzas that the ancestors in Naples would approve of. Once it’s over, you’ll move on to Chapter 4, where you’ll finally unlock garlic when Plant Lady gives you the seeds. You can also purchase them later when you finish this section.

Good pizza? Great pizza! To make tasty pies today, download Good Pizza Great Pizza and use this guide as well as all the other Good Pizza, Great Pizza guides we’ve cooked for you.

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How to Get Garlic in Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Tips & Guide