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How to play Good Pizza Great Pizza: Tips & Tricks

If you're looking for all the best tips and tricks for beginners, this is how to play Good Pizza Great Pizza.

Pizza is one of those things that’s extremely subjective to a person’s taste—some people like thicker crust, thinner crust, more cheese, or less cheese. Given that, a pizza-making game was bound to be a great idea, which is how Good Pizza Great Pizza was born.

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In this game, you play the new owner of a pizza store who must deliver top-quality food to your customers. Bad news, though: you’re across the street from a rival pizzeria owner, who isn’t too thrilled with your presence in his territory. Can you possibly make a better pizza than this master cook? This is how to play Good Pizza Great Pizza.

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How to make pizza in Good Pizza Great Pizza

The gameplay is very straightforward. Your restaurant only serves different kinds of pizza. All you need to remember is the order of the process, which is taking out a pizza dough, putting on the sauce, the cheese, then the toppings. If you put them in a different order, you may mess it up.

That’s the basic build, and as you progress in the game, you unlock other toppings. No matter what, though, the process from dough to sauce to cheese is always the same, unless a customer states otherwise. That’s interestingly where one of the tricky parts is.

How to get orders right in Good Pizza Great Pizza

Once in a while, you get customers in Good Pizza Great Pizza who ask for odd or specific things in their order. Therefore, it’s not that different from working in a real pizza shop. That means you have to use your listening skills to make sure you get a customer’s order correct, as they may ask for special things like only one side of the pizza having meat or cutting it into a certain number of slices—including none at all.

How to use toppings in Good Pizza Great Pizza

Taking a pizza order in Good Pizza Great Pizza.
Gameplay screenshot by Touch Tap Play.

When doing your toppings, make sure to tap the container it’s in to put it away and stop adding more. If you accidentally add too much, the customer may complain and give you a smaller tip. To cut the pizza correctly, be aware not to let go of the line, or you may end up cutting it on the wrong place. Drag it and drop it in a way that it’s on the line where you’re supposed to cut. If you mess up and cut uneven slices, it’s not that big of a deal—as long as you manage to get the number of slices the customer asks for.

How to save money in Good Pizza Great Pizza

When adding toppings, try to add only the amount you really need in order to save money on supplies. This especially goes for the meats, like the sausage and pepperoni. The cost of supplies always deducts from your profit, so it’s not a good idea to waste. Plus, if you use too much, your customer will likely complain about it looking messy anyway—make sure that you put your toppings on neatly, so that people give you better tips.

You need income to expand the options in the pizza shop, repair the oven, and add decorations. When it comes to decorations, some of the things you can do are buy plants for the shop, add different walls, flooring, and cuter window signs.

How to cut slices in Good Pizza Great Pizza

As you get deeper into the game, customers’ orders get fussier, with people sometimes asking for their pizza to be cut up into eight or even sixteen slices. This might seem complicated, but as long as you count by multiples of two it won’t be. When cutting it, remember that one cut makes two, two cuts make four, three cuts make six, four makes eight, etc. To get sixteen slices, you need to cut it eight times, since two times eight is sixteen.

How to make crunchy crust in Good Pizza Great Pizza

If customers want a crispier crust, you can run the pizza through the oven more than once. They usually ask for it to be run twice if that’s what they want, which you do simply by dragging the pizza back in front of the oven after it finishes its first run. Also, the pizza always has an automatic border, so don’t worry about putting on too much sauce or cheese. There shouldn’t be too much, but put enough to at least cover it well. Distribute everything else evenly.

How to understand orders in Good Pizza Great Pizza

If the customer is being vague about their order (as they often are, our food service workers know), you can choose the “what” option to get them to expand on what it is they want. To help remember a customers complicated order, make sure to recite it afterwards. There’s no tickets or text anywhere that will remind you of it, the only time being when the customer says it, so this is the best way to recall it.

If you’re someone who thinks you can cook good pizza, take a shot at Good Pizza Great Pizza. It may look easy, but making someone a decent pizza takes more work than you’ll assume. You can play it on mobile, Nintendo Switch, or PC via Steam today!

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How to play Good Pizza Great Pizza: Tips & Tricks