How to get Collateral medal in COD Mobile

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COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile features a wide variety of medals that players can obtain by completing certain missions in the game. As of writing, the multiplayer title has over 86 medals, and the Collateral Medal is one of them.

For those who don’t know, Collateral is one of the most famous multiplayer medals in COD Mobile. Earning certain medals is often seen as an objective in various seasonal challenges, and the Collateral medal is no different.

However, developers never mention how to earn these medals in Call of Duty: Mobile. For this reason, many players are having a hard time while earning the Collateral medal. But thanks to this comprehensive guide as here we have a complete explanation for the COD Mobile’s Collateral medal.

Steps to earn Collateral Medal in COD Mobile

Earning Collateral medal in COD Mobile

Earning the Collateral Medal in Call of Duty: Mobile is a relatively easy task. COD Mobile players need to kill multiple enemies with one shot. Since it’s a multiplayer exclusive achievement, players can’t earn the Collateral medal in the BR mode.

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To start off, players must load into the COD Mobile multiplayer mode. In order to efficiently complete the task, we highly recommend equipping a sniper rifle in your weapon loadout in order to confront multiple opponents easily.

Once in the match, kill two enemies or more enemies with a single bullet and the Collateral medal will be credited to your Call of Duty: Mobile account.

This is the only method to earn this medal. Nevertheless, if players face any issues while doing it, make sure to leave a comment below.

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How to get Collateral medal in COD Mobile


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