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How to Get Aurora Compass in Cookie Run: Kingdom | Tips & Guide

How to Get Aurora Compass in Cookie Run: Kingdom | Tips & Guide
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Are you curious to know how to get Aurora Compass in Cookie Run Kingdom? Look no further, this is the guide you need.

The Aurora Compass is an item that will help you expand and upgrade, and honestly speaking, you’re going to need quite a lot of them if you want to have a big, luxurious kingdom with buildings upgraded to the maximum level.

What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Aurora Compasses in this guide!

What is Aurora Compass?

Just like the Aurora Pillars and Aurora Bricks, Aurora Compasses are used when upgrading production buildings, leveling up the Cookie Castle, expanding the territory, or researching new technology at the Sugar Gnome Laboratory.

You can also use them in the Seaside Market to exchange for various goods if you have plenty of them.

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How to Get Aurora Compass in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are several ways of getting Aurora Compasses. Here is the complete list of how to get them:

  • Events
  • Train Station
  • Completing Missions
  • Special Episodes (use the Shop/Exchange option)
  • Guild Gacha
  • Landmarks
  • Tree of Wishes
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery
  • Seaside Market (exchange other Aurora items)

I would strongly recommend exchanging them in the Seaside Market whenever you have a lot of one of the items. Exchanging the Aurora items you have the most of for the others that you have fewer of is good, because you will need them all equally if you aim to reach maximum Kingdom level!

Which Landmarks Grant Aurora Compass

These Landmarks are great because they give you a random Aurora item every several hours, so it’s worth upgrading them to max if you want to obtain a lot of goods.

  • Vanilla Sanatorium
  • Raspberry Chateau

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How to Get Aurora Compass in Cookie Run: Kingdom | Tips & Guide