How to Get Arkhalis Blade in Terraria

Arkhalis in Terraria is a rare and unique sword. It has beautiful animation and good mechanics, but it is much inferior to other items at the end of the game. Also, in the new Terraria update 1.4.1, appeared a new way to get it. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Arkhalis sword in Terraria.

The Best Way to Find Arkhalis

There are two ways to get Arkhalis.

First of all, Arkhalis could be found in the Shrine but dropped there with a very small probability of 0.1%. You should generate worlds, look for small holes of 2-3 blocks in the ground. This will be the shrine. Go down into it and find out what you got. But after the update, the Arkhalis in the shrine was replaced with the Terragrim sword. Therefore, you can get the desired item only using the second way if you play on the updated Terraria.

In the latest version of Terraria 1.4.1, you can get a sword in a different way. First, you need to kill the wall of flesh, so the game will go into hard mode, and after that kill the bosses. From them, in addition to the usual drop, a special bag of treasure drops. When you click on it, extra loot appears.

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Loot from these bags can be gotten in expert and master modes only. Each boss has his own bag with his own loot. And with a small chance of 5%, in addition to the usual loot, one of the developer’s kits appears. Sometimes from this set, you can get Arkhalis with a chance of 0.1%. To get it, you have to kill hundreds of bosses or be very lucky. This is an incredibly rare and difficult sword to obtain.

Be prepared that it will take a lot of time and effort to find it. For a regular game, it is not needed at all. But if you are a true fan, then it is worth taking the time.

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