How to Get and Use Trickster in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


Currently, there are eight heroes in the game. All of them are different even in their stats. However, using the powerful one will be an additional contribution to your win. So, let’s find out if the trickster is good and how to get him.

Trickster Guide in Rush Royale

Trickster is one of the newest heroes in the Rush Royale. He was released in 2021, and most people considered that he would completely change the game. However, is it so now?

At this moment Trickster is one of the worst heroes for PvP. The point is that Trickster can steal the mana from your opponent. It sounds good, but practically it is ineffective. That is all with his abilities. Zeus and other heroes will be way better than Trickster.

However, there is one deck in which you can use a trickster as a hero. This deck is a Cultist Deck. The point is that playing cultist requires a great amount of mana. Also, while playing this deck you need to merge as many shamans as possible. So, in this deck, his ability is especially useful. 

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Unfortunately, that is the only deck that can be used with Trickster in PvP. And how is it with PvE modes? In this mode Trickster is one of the best heroes. Use it with Reaper, Shaman, Clock of Power, Harlequin, and Mime, and you will be extra effective.

However, you might ask how to obtain him. All you need to obtain Trickster is to open as many chests as possible. Also, you can donate real money to the game and get it fast. It is only your decision. 

Generally, Trickster is worth your time only if you enjoy PvE mode. That is all. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Get and Use Trickster in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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