Best Tips and Tricks for Winning PvP in Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD


Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is an unusual game that combines Tower Defense and PvP. Players must collect various cards, upgrade them and then use them to destroy waves of enemies. A feature of the game is the PvP mode, in which you must destroy enemies faster than your opponent. And in this guide, we will tell you how to win in PvP.

Best Tips and Tricks for Winning PvP

One of the most important things that players need to do is to be attentive. During the battle, you must keep track of everything to know how many hearts you have left or how many monsters will be in the next wave. At first glance, this looks like not very necessary information. However, based on this, you can change your tactics and win.

It is obvious advice, but you should always use your best cards in PvP battles. You should always expect the opponent to use the strongest cards. The main feature of PvP battles is that the monsters you kill will appear on your opponent’s field. Therefore, use only strong cards.

You must also create tactics that bring out the full potential of your cards. It is very important to know which cards to deploy first. What’s more, if you can merge your cards at the right time, you’re guaranteed to win in PvP.

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And the last tip, do not forget about the enemy. At the beginning of the battle, you should look at the enemy cards and their stats. Based on this, you can build your further tactics. And then, during the battle, you need to watch the enemy until the end of the game to predict his actions and react quickly.

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Best Tips and Tricks for Winning PvP in Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD


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