How to Get and Play Harlequin in Rush Royale

How to Get and Play Harlequin in Rush Royale

Playing Rush Royale is a challenging but exciting task. One can be sure that it becomes even more difficult without the Harlequin card. This one is considered to be one of the best cards in Rush Royale. Its importance is enormous when we speak about setting up your board correctly. Also, it is beneficial when it is about keeping the correct quantity of inquisitors. Moreover, it is excellent to have this card to hold your hexes in the right spots.

Are you interested in getting Harlequin in Rush Royale and using it? Great! This guide will fully cover this information! Keep reading to find out!

Getting and Playing Harlequin in Rush Royale

So, we recommend completing some steps for the players to get Harlequin in Rush Royale. First, we recommend constantly checking the store and watching advertisements to refresh once available to re-roll the store. For the second, get to level 104 every season for two guaranteed legendaries and two potential legendary rolls. For the third, play rush for glory event and get as high as possible.

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So, Harlequin is the best card in the game, and we recommend using it with more of that kind, like Engineer, Dryad, Summoner, or any high DPS card.

To sum everything up, the chances of getting the card increase if you play as much as you can. It would help if you farmed a lot, this increases the chances. Moreover, there is a possibility to purchase it. We wish you good luck!

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How to Get and Play Harlequin in Rush Royale


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