How to Get and Use a Piggy Bank in Terraria

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There are various exciting items you can find in Terraria. Even though some of them are made almost for fun, there are sort of necessary items that have to be used by everyone. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get and use Piggy Bank in Terraria.

What is Piggy Bank in Terraria?

Before finding out how you can get and use Piggy Bank, it would be best to discover what this item is. Piggy Bank is the universal storage you can get in Terraria. Like all other storage items, it can contain up to 40 unique items. Moreover, you can quickly expand the number of slots by using specific modifications.

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How to Get Piggy Bank in Terraria

Unfortunately, Piggy Bank can not boast a wide range of ways you can obtain it. The only option to get Piggy Bank in Terraria is to purchase it from Merchant for 1 Gold Coin. It is a measurable price for such a valuable item. Therefore, you can afford it even if you are at the beginning game’s stages.

How to Use Piggy Bank in Terraria

Once you know everything you need about Piggy Bank, it is time to find out how to use this item correctly. Piggy Bank works like any other chest in Terraria or Minecraft. You should right-click to open it and then manage items by moving them through the inventory. Also, you should consider that Piggy Bank can not be placed everywhere; you should use a platform or table to use a Piggy Bank.

That’s it with Piggy Bank in Terraria. Even though the item costs only 1 Gold Coin, it is considered one of the most valuable items in the game. Therefore, feel free to get and use Piggy Bank as much as you want. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to craft Angelic Alliance in Terraria.

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How to Get and Use a Piggy Bank in Terraria


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