How to Craft Angelic Alliance in Terraria


One of the most exciting things about Terraria is different modifications that significantly diversify the gameplay. Undoubtedly, Calamity Mod is one of the greatest mods you can find nowadays. Read this guide, and you will find out how to craft Angelic Alliance in Terraria.

What is Angelic Alliance in Terraria?

Before finding out how to craft Angelic Alliance, it would be best to discover more about this item. Angelic Alliance is one of the most powerful swords and the accessory of the Moon Lord, one of the most potent bosses in the game. It gives good buffs, which you can find out below.

  • +2 Max Minions
  • +15% Increased Summon Damage
  • +8% Increased Damage to non-summoner classes
  • +4 Life Regeneration while jumping or flying

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Also, Angelic Alliance can get a special Divine Bless buff for 15 seconds. It is one of the most potent buffs that provides +5% Damage and 2.5x Life Regeneration. Moreover, this buff can deal damage to enemies depending on their health points.

Crafting Angelic Alliance in Terraria

Once you know more about Angelic Alliance, it is time to discover how you can craft this weapon. Unfortunately, the Angelic Alliance is far from an easily achievable weapon. Angelic Alliance has Hot Pink rarity, which automatically makes it hardly achievable. And below, you can find the materials you need to have for crafting Angelic Alliance.

  • Any Hallowed Helmet – 1
  • Any Hallowed Plate Mail – 1
  • Any Hallowed Greaves – 1
  • Paladin’s Shield – 1
  • True Excalibur – 1
  • Cross Necklace – 1
  • Shadowspec Bar – 5

That’s it with crafting Angelic Alliance in Terraria. Unfortunately, crafting this sword requires pretty much valuable resources. Therefore, if you are at the beginning game’s stages, there is no point in aiming at getting Angelic Alliance, it is one of the hardest accessible items in the game. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to make Mana Potion in Terraria.

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How to Craft Angelic Alliance in Terraria


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