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How to Get and Use a Key of Night in Terraria

How to Get and Use a Key of Night in Terraria
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Terraria Key of Night is an item needed to summon a Crimson or Corrupt Mimic. It works just as a key of light: if you put it in an empty chest, it will turn into one of these two creatures, depending on the biome you are having in your world. In this guide, we will tell you in detail how to get and use a key of night in Terraria.

How to Use a Key of Night

  • You can craft the Key of Night in Terraria at the workbench using 15 Souls of Night.
  • To summon a mimic successfully, the world must be in Hard mode, and the only item inside the chest must be the Key of Night.
  • Corrupt or Crimson Mimic will appear as soon as the chest is closed.

How to Farm Using Key of Night

Unlike the Mimics spawned by the statue, the Mimic summoned using the Key of Night and the chest drops loot. This makes farming things in this way more efficient, but also more dangerous since the player at the moment of the transformation of the chest is in the attack radius of the monster.

In multiplayer, this is not a problem as long as the partner is at a safe distance. Just put the key down at the same time when the other player starts firing.

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The Features You Need to Know

  • It is important not to confuse the Key of Night in Terraria with the Shadow Key.
  • If you just want to save an item for the future, leave any other thing with it in the chest. If you forget to do this, it will turn into a monster.
  • The summon will not work in any other container (trash can, safe, etc.).
  • In the secret seed “Drunk World”, when summoned, any facial expression can appear, depending on which world evil is active.

This is everything you need to know about a Key of Night, how to get and use it. You may also need a mana flower, so here is our guide.

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How to Get and Use a Key of Night in Terraria


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