Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an epic healing class Cookie. You can see Sparkling Cookie as a principal character in the story called Tropical Soda Islands. The shiny decor will blow you away: the warrior is decorated with a Juice Bar from the Luxurious Juice Salon Decor Theme. This article will explain how to get and play Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​How to Get Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

For those who are in search of this fantastic Cookie, we have great news. You can obtain it in two ways.

As with all the epic cookies, Sparkling Cookie can be obtained from the Special Cookie Gacha. This method works only for those players who are able to wait patiently and try multiple times. The chances to pull up this warrior from Gacha are 19.278%.

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There is another option for impatient players who want to get Sparkling Cookie fast: you may use the unique currency called Soulstones to rank up your Cookies. You will be able to bake any epic Cookie, including Sparkling Cookie, if you do not have the character to whom the Soulstones belong.

​How to Play Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a cookie of healing class, and his best position is rear. The superpower of this warrior lies in throwing fresh cocktails with a healing effect at two allies with the lowest HP. The delicious smell of these cocktails significantly raises the whole team’s mood and positively influences their Critical Strike Chance. Swift Chocolate is the best topping for this cookie.

Are you excited about getting and playing Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run?

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