How to Get and Play Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an epic ranged class Cookie.

This warrior has a sad childhood story as she was lost at birth. Her actual family is:

  • Parents: Royal Berry Cookie and Jungleberry Cookie
  • Granny: Hollyberry Cookie
  • Sister: Princess Cookie

Tiger Lily Cookie wears a hibiscus flower pin on her head.

We recommended investing Skill Powders and Toppings in the epic Cookies. This guide will highlight how to get and play Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​How to Get Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

If you are searching for Tiger Lily Cookie, try to pull this beautiful warrior out of the Special Cookie Gacha first. This method is perfect for you if you are patient, as there is no guarantee that you will pull the exact Cookie you need. So, you will need to try again and again to succeed. The chances to get either Tiger Lily Cookie or its Soulstone out of Gacha is around 19.278%.

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The other method of obtaining Tiger Lily Cookie is to use the unique currency called Soulstones (used to rank up the Cookies). Using Soulstones, you will bake the Cookie you need and add it to the roster.

​How to Play Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a cookie of Ranged class. To maximize Tiger Lily Cookie’s potential, position her at the rear.

The most appropriate Toppings for this character are: 5x Bouncy Caramel, 5x Searing Raspberry, 5x Swift Chocolate, or 3x Searing Raspberry with 2x Bouncy Caramel. On the back of the Butter Tiger, this character can charge forward and cause damage to the enemies located nearby by stunning them. During the active phase of the effect, Tiger Lily Cookie causes massive damage with faster Regular Attacks.

Use our instructions to make your playing as fun and productive as possible. Enjoy!

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