Terraria is full of items that can be used to craft further items. This makes the game interesting and full of possibilities. However, anvils and crafting stations are essential to put these items together. This guide will brief you on autohammer, a hardmode crafting station.

Autohammer is a crafting station that is typically used to Nuke I, Nuke II, and Shroomite Bars. The hardmode crafting station comes into play after Plantera has been defeated. You can buy it from Truffle, the NPC that sells mushroom-themed items.

Terraria: How to Get an Autohammer

Autohammer in Terraria (Image via Terraria Wiki)

After beating the Plantera, you can simply purchase the autohammer from the Truffle. You can get it for one platinum coin. If you decide to sell it, you can receive 20 gold coins.

To buy the autohammer, you need to spawn the Truffle. You can do so by creating a Glowing Mushroom farm on the surface and building a mushroom house. The NPC spawns only in a manually created mushroom farm on the surface.

To make a mushroom farm, you need to get mud and mushroom seeds from the mushroom biome below the ground.

Autohammer: How to Use it

Usually, players use the crafting station to get Shroomite Bars. For this, you need one Chlorophyte Bar and 15 Glowing Mushrooms.

You can craft Nuke I on this station. For that, you need to gather a hundred Rocket III and one Shroomite Bar.

Autohammer can also be used to make Nuke II. A hundred Rocket IV and a Shroomite Bar on the crafting station would get you Nuke II.

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