The Hero Shield is a great shield-type accessory in Terraria that players can use to aggro enemies or for absorbing damage done to players on their team. With the Hero Shield, players can act as the tank class of their group. It also grants immunity to knockback, giving you an edge in a battle.

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In this article, we will talk about how players can get the Hero Shield in Terraria.

How to Get a Hero Shield

The Hero Shield is a craftable accessory in Terraria that players can craft once they have defeated the Plantera boss.

To craft the Hero Shield in Terraria, players need the Paladin’s Shield, Flesh Knuckles, and a Tinkerer’s Workshop crafting station.

Where to Find Planetera Boss

Players can find the Plantera boss in the Underground Jungle area, granted you have already defeated the three mechanical bosses, the Destroyer, Skeleton Prime, and The Twins.

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Defeating the three mechanical bosses is a mandatory requirement for spawning the Plantera boss. So make sure you have defeated all three of them.

How to Get Paladin’s Shield

The Paladin’s Shield is a drop item that players can get from Paladin enemies found in the Dungeon area. But first, players have to defeat the Plantera boss, or else, the Paladins will not spawn in the Dungeon.

How to Get Flesh Knuckles

The Flesh Knuckles are yet another drop item that players can get from Crimson Mimics. Players can spawn Crimson Mimics using Key of Light or Key of Night items.

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