Dark Shard in Terraria

A Dark Shard in Terraria is material for crafting in the Hardmod mode of several types of weapons:

  • Onyx Blaster.
  • Yin-yang Charm.

To craft both weapons, you only need 3 pieces of a dark shard. Its opposite is a Light Shard in Terraria. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this material.

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How to Get a Dark Shard in Terraria

The only way to get this material is to kill monsters. However, their type will differ depending on the platform on which Terraria is played.

  1. Blood mummy (in the Krimzon desert) – 10% chance on PC and mobile devices.
  2. Tainted Ghoul (in the underground desert of the Krimzon biome). The chance is 6.67%. This option is relevant only for PC, mobile, and consoles.
  3. Vile ghoul (Distorted underground desert). Probability is 6.67% on PCs, mobiles, and consoles.
  4. The only enemy option that gives a Dark Shard on any platform is the Dark Mummy (10% chance of getting it). It is located in the Desert of the Corruption biome.

It is curious that in the game the dark shard looks like a piece of Yin in the Yin-Yang symbol, meaning the union of opposites.

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