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Players in Terraria have the ability to summon pets who will follow the player around the game. There are 54 pets in total in the game. Pets grant the player with a buff of the same name as the pet, and will be with the player until the player dies or summons another pet creature. One of these creatures is an energetic and bouncy pet Companion Cube which can be summoned using a Companion Cube.

Companion Cubes can be obtained from a Travelling Merchant for 5 Platinum Coins, making it one of the most expensive item in the game. Travelling Merchants are NPCs who will spawn in the player’s town randomly.

A Companion Cube

The Pet Companion Cube is one of two pets in the game which can make a noise (the other is a Pet Worm):

  • If the cube falls into lava it emits the Lunatic Cultists Death Sound.
  • If it it is the lava for long enough it may emit the Moon Lord’s Death Sound.
  • Occasionally will emit the Flatulence Sound.

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The Companion Cube hates the dark and will stab the player, dealing 3 Damage, when in complete darkness. This can be avoided by using Portable Light Sources such as torches.

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