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Favouriting items in Terraria allows you to keep them safe, preventing you from being able to remove them by accident. Favourited items can also not be quick-stacked or quick-trashed so many players like to mark items as favourite to protect them from these actions.

Technically players can only ‘favourite’ an item on PC or Mac. There is a slightly different mechanic on console using the D-Pad Hotbar. For PC and Mac you can mark an item as favourite by following these steps:

  • Open inventory
  • Hold Alt and click the item you want to favourite
  • See a border appear around the now-favourite item
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Your inventory can hold many items- which would you favourite?

On consoles you do not run the risk of quick-trashing items as this is not even an option, so there is not much of a need for a ‘favourite’ function. There is an option for binding items to the D-Pad, and although it is not technically favouriting an item, it does help get around the tedious search for well-used items in game. To assign an item to the D-Pad just follow these steps:

  • Open inventory
  • Find your item
  • Press a direction on the D-Pad
  • In-game that item will now be assigned to that direction on the D-Pad

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For Nintendo Switch there is no option to favourite an item at all. Switch players use the radial hotbar instead. To use the radial hotbar just follow these steps:

  • Hold left bumper to bring up your buffing items
  • Hold right bumper to bring up the hotbar
  • Use the analog stick to highlight the item you need
  • Release to equip

Maybe one day there will be an option to favourite items properly on console and Nintendo Switch but for now we will make do with the mechanics we have, and think ourselves lucky we cannot easily trash of throw our inventory items!

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