How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife

How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife

Taking up a Corporate Job is among the numerous things you can do in BitLife. There are plenty of jobs that you can take up with varying levels of income. Any Job that has Corporate next to them comes under the category of Corporate Jobs. But how does one get a Corporate Job in BitLife? Well, in this guide, we will explain how to get a corporate job in Bitlife and what different jobs are on offer.

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How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife

There are a few corporate jobs in BitLife that players can join without the need for a degree and are usually in low-level positions. However, in order to climb the corporate ladder and reach higher positions, players will require a degree of some kind. You can get most corporate jobs in BitLife by getting a university degree applicable to the job. Some jobs like Apprentice Telemarketer and others don’t even require a degree and you can just apply to get hired.

However, if you want to become a CEO of a company, it’s better to visit the business school once you graduate from a university with a degree in mathematics. Make sure to have decent smarts which you can enhance by studying hard in school, reading lots of books and visiting the public library.

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Keep on aging until you complete high school and then go to a university and graduate while making sure that your smart stats are still high. Once you graduate, search for business school, apply and graduate. After you graduate from business school, you can look under the job section for a job that has corporate next to it. Below are all of the corporate jobs one can get in Bitlife and their education requirements. 

  • Telemarketer: None
  • Janitor: None
  • Receptionist: Upper Secondary School
  • Internal Auditor: University
  • Financial Analyst: University
  • Computer Programmer: University
  • Lobbyist: University
  • Biotechnologist: University
  • Architect: University
  • Business Analyst: University
  • Accountant: University
  • Insurance Agent: Upper Secondary School
  • Environmental Scientist: University
  • Stockbroker: University
  • Operations Analyst: University
  • Database Administrator: University
  • IT Support: University
  • Translator: University
  • Engineer: University
  • Engineering Manager: University
  • Director of Engineering: University
  • Assistant Vice President: Business School
  • Vice President: Business School
  • Senior Vice President: Business School
  • Executive Vice President: Business School
  • Managing Director: Business School
  • CEO: Business School

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How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife


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