How to Make Friends in BitLife


BitLife’s text simulator gives you the chance to make all the decisions for your sim character, including how many friends they have. You are able to start making friends from the age of 5 when you start school, as before then, all you have are your parents and any siblings and pets you may have in your life.

Once you start school, you are able to start making friends of your own. Often, other kids in your class will ask you to be their friend and you have the choice to accept them or reject them. If you accept their friendship, you will have to work on the friendship to keep it, though.

Making Friends in BitLife

If you do not want to wait for someone to ask you to be their friend you can seek them out for yourself. To find yourself a friend, just tap on ‘School’ on your main screen, select your school, and then tap ‘Class.’ Here you will find a list of your classmates.

bitlife classmates
Classmates (BitLife)

It is best to find one with a good (green) relationship bar, but you can also encourage other kids to befriend you by treating them nicely using positive interactions, and increasing the relationship bar. To befriend a classmate, tap on their name and then find ‘Befriend.’

befriend bitlife
Befriending People (BitLife)

Once you have a friend, you must maintain the friendship by using positive interactions with them and spending time with them. If you insult them or ignore them, they will no longer be your friend.

bitlife classmates
Maintain or increase your relationship bar by using positive interactions with the friend. (BitLife)

These techniques also work in a Workplace—you can make friends with colleagues and maintain those friendships. Just remember to be nice, and not inappropriate, or you may lose your job, or (as a kid) be sent to juvi!

Good luck!

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How to Make Friends in BitLife


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