How to Escape from Juvie in BitLife: Tips and Cheats

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BitLife from CandyWriter lets you live out your wildest dreams from the safety and comfort of your smartphone. You take on the life of a random person, making decisions for their life in every area. You decide if they study hard, get into fights, treat their parents and friends well, get into a life of crime, or become a millionaire. When you are in school, you can be the best-behaved child who studies hard and makes friends, or you could be the rebel who gets into fights and ignores his homework—the choice is yours!

If you get into regular fights at school, there is a chance you seriously hurt someone, and eventually get sent to Juvie—a correctional facility for young people, much like prison. Once you are at Juvie, there is a chance to escape. Find out how below.

How to Escape Juvie in BitLife

Getting sent to Juvie is pretty easy. All you have to do is get into a fight and hurt the other kid badly, but you can also get sent to Juvie if you resist arrest.

bitlife juvie escape
BitLife Juvie Sentence (via CandyWriter)

Once you are there, you should be able to access the ‘Escape’ option straight away. If not, age up and try again.

bitlife juvie escape
BitLife Juvie Escape Option (via CandyWriter)

Tap Escape and it will bring up a mini game puzzle for you to complete in order to escape successfully. The trick is to note where the guard is, and where the black walls are. You will need to try and get the guard trapped behind a wall, leaving you free to escape.

bitlife juvie escape
Juvie Escape Mini Game (via CandyWriter)

The guard will move horizontally at first, and will always move two spaces. He will also only ever move towards you—use this to your advantage! Moving horizontally to position the guard below (or above) one of the walled spaces and then up (or down depending on the map) will trap them within that area.

bitlife juvie escape
BitLife Juvie Escape Attempt (via CandyWriter)

In the image above, the player moves horizontally to get the guard to move towards the walled area, then moves up to get the guard to follow them in the same direction, trapping them in the walled space.

bitlife juvie escape
Successful Escape from Juvie in BitLife (via CandyWriter)

If the player was to move down instead of up and horizontally, the guard would follow and eventually be able to capture them. This technique works with every map, but some are larger than others and may take a few attempts, or some time to plan out the steps. If you fail, do not worry, you can age up and try again, but it will probably be a different map.

Good luck!

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How to Escape from Juvie in BitLife: Tips and Cheats


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