Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Fishing Guide

Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 is a multiplatform real-time village simulation game where players build a village, grow their tribe, and try to survive on a simulated island. The game offers a surfeit amount of features that are sometimes hidden behind puzzles, levels, and other similar requirements.

Fishing is one of the many features in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 that players can unlock after completing a certain set of requirements. And, in this guide, we will explain everything you need to fish in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2.

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First of all, To fish in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2, players need to reach Farming tech level 3, to get the fish bones to appear on a patch of land towards the south side of the island. Once that requirement is met, make sure there is no debris floating around in the ocean.

Now drag one of the villagers near the fish bones in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2, and he/she will start preparing for Fishing. Once the preparation is done, the villager will move towards the coast and catch fishes. Sometimes they also catch crabs, so no worries.

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Also, as far we know, there is no need to craft any fishing pole in-order to fish in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2. If you are having any doubts check out the above video that shows the fishing process, or ask us in the comments down below.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is currently available on Xbox One, Android, PC, iOS, macOS, and Classic Mac OS platforms.

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