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How to Find the Pirate Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Find the Pirate Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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One of the best outfits in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is the Pirate Outfit! It doesn’t give you any special boosts like the Mermaid Outfit but it is such a fun costume to wear. There are two pieces to this outfit and both and not too easy to find. If you want to get hold of this Pirate Outfit then follow the steps below and you will soon look like you truly belong exploring the seas for sunken treasure! Read on to find out how to find the Pirate Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

How to Get the Pirate Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Before you can start off on your adventure searching for the lost Pirate Outfit, you will have to make sure you have learned to swim by acquiring the Flippers, and have got the Snorkel so you can dive under water. You will also need the Pickaxe because one the pieces is hidden carefully inside an under water rock! It is also a good idea to have your Stamina increased so you can dive further, and perhaps have the Mermaid outfit on to stay underwater longer.

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Once you have all of those things ready you can try to find the missing Pirate Outfit. The first thing to try is the Sunken Solutions puzzle room inside the Sunken Pirate Ship. Just enter through the gap in the side and find the chest at the end which contains the Pirate Hat. You can also complete the puzzle while you are there to get the Blue Power Crystal. The puzzle is simple enough: move the blocks to the right spots and activate them. Use your balloons by jumping on top of the activated blocks to float upwards and get to the reward on the mast.

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The next part of the Pirate Costume is hidden inside a rock behind the Recycling Plant and near a mine entrance. A Pickaxe icon will pop up when you are near. Tap on it a couple of times to break open the rock and get to the treasure inside.

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You can wear the outfit yourself or give one of the Null creatures roaming the island the hat but be aware that if you ever want that hat back you will have to remember which Null you gave it to! Don’t do what I did which is give it to a Null and forget where they were because now I have no Pirate Hat for my Hello Kitty Island Adventure character to wear. It is a good job I prefer the Launch Event Crown!

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How to Find the Pirate Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure