How to Find the Ocean Monument in Minecraft

Many of you, traveling around the world of Minecraft, have found a huge fortress underwater, which is inhabited by fish called “Guardians.” This structure is called the “Ocean monument.”

The monument itself is a source of rare resources: prismarines (of three types), a sea lantern, and, most importantly, a sponge, which is used to drain reservoirs. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you where to find the ocean monument in Minecraft.

Where and How to Find an Ocean Monument in Minecraft?

The biome in which this building can be generated is called the “Deep Ocean.” Comparing to a forest mansion, this building is spawned more often. If you like to explore the world around you, often swim somewhere, then you can easily find it in the ocean. When you approach it, a huge number of guards will appear in the water and begin to kill octopuses.

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And if you swim closer, the Ancient Guardian will attack you. You can also find the ocean monument using the Ocean Explorer Map. It can be bought from the Cartographer Villager, along with the Forest Explorer Map.

What Should You Do Before Going to the Ocean Monument?

Your success in clearing the underwater fortress depends on the level of your equipment and the items you have with you. Of course, it is possible to deal with it at the initial stage, but it will take much more time. Therefore, if you decide to do everything fast, you need to prepare a little:

  • It is necessary to find the monument itself.
  • You need a boat.
  • Four stacks of easily breakable blocks.
  • 10 buckets.
  • Torches, doors, and any walkable blocks that restrict water.
  • Weapons and tools (a diamond pickaxe and a diamond shovel with an efficiency of 5 are perfect, as they can break blocks even under fatigue).
  • Helmet with enchanting submariner (allows you to break blocks underwater at the same speed as on land) and underwater breathing (increases the time spent underwater).
  • Food and other consumables.

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