Minecraft Villager Trades: How Does Trading Work in Minecraft?


Players can trade in-game with villagers and Wandering Traders, swapping Emeralds for items they need (or swapping items they don’t need in exchange for emeralds!) Villagers with professions are willing to buy or sell items but Wandering Traders will not buy items.

Players can simply approach a villager with a profession, or a Wandering Trader, and tap use to bring up a menu and start trading. The only villagers players cannot trade with are Nitwits or unemployed villagers.

A Nitwit Villager (left) and an Unemployed Villager (right)

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Players can increase each Villager’s career level by trading with them, and when players trade with them they both gain experience. The experience gained by a player from trading depends on whether the villager is willing to breed or not. Normally the experience is between 3-6, or if the villager is willing to breed it is between 8-11. As villagers gain experience they increase in level from Novice to Master:

LevelExperience Required
1. Novice0
2. Apprentice10
3. Journeyman70
4. Expert 150
5. Master250
Items the villager are willing to trade are specific to their profession

As well as Emeralds, a villager’s profession dictates what items they trade:

Villager TypeBuysSells
FarmerWheat, Potato, Carrot, Pumpin, MelonBread, Pumpkin Pie, Apple, Cookie, Cake
FishermanString, CoalCooked Fish, Enchanted Fishing Rod
ShepherdWhite WoolShears, Coloured Wool
FletcherStringArrows, Bow, Flint, Gravel
LibrarianPaper, Book, Written BookEnchanted Book, Compass, Bookshelf, Clock, Nametag
ClericRotten Flesh, Gold IngotRedstone Dust, Lapis Lazuli, Eye of Ender, Glowstone, Bottle O’Enchanting
ArmorerCoal, Iron Ingot, DiamondIron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Enchanted Diamond Chestplate, Chainmail Helmet, Chainmail Chestplate, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Leggings
WeaponsmithCoal, Iron Ingot, DiamondIron Axe, Enchanted Sword, Enchanted Diamond Sword, Enchanted Diamond Axe
Toolsmith Coal, Iron Ingot, DiamondEnchanted Iron Shovel, Enchanted Iron Pickaxe, Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
ButcherRaw Porkchop Raw Chicken, CoalCooked Porkchop, Cooked Chicken,
LeatherworkerLeatherLeather Pant, Enchanted Leather Tunic, Saddle

TIP: The Hero of the Village effect temporarily reduces prices within that village for that specific player who defeated the raid.

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Minecraft Villager Trades: How Does Trading Work in Minecraft?


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