How to Tame a Pillager in Minecraft

minecraft pillager taming guide

The taming of a Pillager in Minecraft has become possible not that long ago. They live in the tower or can be found roaming the world, patrolling it and the surrounding area.

Now you do not need to download any modifications for taming. Thus, you can create an island or a pirate cove for a variety of gameplay! In this guide, we will tell you how to tame him correctly.

How to Tame Pillagers in Minecraft

In order to tame the Pillager in Minecraft, first, you need to find him. You can either settle near some village and expect a raid on it or can meet him somewhere in the world.

It can be located almost anywhere, but by writing the command: / locate Pillager_Outpost you can spawn near him immediately. After that, you will find yourself at the tower, which is an endless source of Pillagers.

Make Sure to Take All the Necessary Materials

In order to tame the Pillager in Minecraft, you need a lot of one of the following materials: iron, diamonds, emeralds, or gold. The thing is that you will need to build a level 4 beacon, which is the maximum. This is needed in order to get a regeneration effect. It will be hard to do without it.

But if you do not want to build a beacon in the game, then take a bucket of milk with you, because the Pillager will give you an unusual negative effect. Also, you will need 10 enchanted apples for protection, and of course some good weapons.

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Then you can go and tame the Pillager in Minecraft. Carefully lure one of the Pillagers to you. It is desirable that it does not have the main mark on it.

Next, you will need to dig 1 block of sand down and make him fall there, and then block him. Now, it remains to wait for some time for the moment when the Pillager’s crossbow breaks in Minecraft.

On average, you need to wait 15 minutes for the moment when the Pillager’s crossbow breaks. While you are waiting for the robber’s crossbow to break, the night will come, so it is important that there is light on the territory where you are. It is also possible to block yourself with the help of snow half-blocks, which will block the arrows that the robber shoots from the crossbow.

Now, you need a tag in Minecraft and you need to rename it in an anvil. With the renamed tag, you need to click on the Pillager and he will be tamed, being an absolutely safe creature.

Congratlation, you are done! If you want to tame even more creatures, here is our guide on how to tame Axolotls in his game.

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How to Tame a Pillager in Minecraft


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