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Your first experience in Minecraft are always fantastic. The first steps in a big new world, the first cave explored, the first house built, the first diamond mined. All of these are well-known feelings for most experienced Minecraft players. But, there may be a problem in getting new first impressions through playing the regular world generated by standard methods. In cases like that the thing named seeds may help. This guide will tell you about the best seeds in Minecraft.

What are Seeds in Minecraft

Seeds in Minecraft are special codes that you can enter into the menu and generate a unique world with their help. To create a world with seeds you will need to click on Create New World button and choose the More World Options menu. There you just need to enter the seed you like and click Create New World.

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Best World Seeds in Minecraft

Now we are going to tell you about the coolest seeds in Minecraft for the 1.17.1 version. Here is the list of them:

  • Sunny Savanna (seed: -1613247987266390429) is a good seed for people who love savannas. It is a large biome filled with trees and there is one Pillager Outpost near the spawn point.
  • Snowy Mountains (seed: -1832801519948573808) is a beautiful biome filled with frozen forests and mountains.
  • Endless Desert (seed: 1297970985505311939) is a large desert. Using horses or other transport for exploring a large area of this world is highly recommended.
  • Colossal Jungle (seed: 1405601600464054847) is a world filled with jungles. Also, there is lots of ancient Temple that you may like to explore.
  • Frozen Wasteland (seed: -7255571058704538969) looks like a big field filled with snow and lonely trees that stick out of the ground. There is also a small village near your spawn point.

These were the best Minecraft seeds. Do you have something else to share? Write your favorite seeds in the comment sections below.

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