How to Get a Grindstone in Minecraft

How to Get a Grindstone in Minecraft

Minecraft is a legendary sandbox adventure game. Like many games of this genre, it has a lot of different equipment and stuff to work with it. Today we are going to talk about a thing that helps you to repair your equipment and clear all the enchantments of it – the Grindstone. This guide will explain to you where to find this item.

How to Get a Grindstone

Grindstone in Minecraft is not so difficult to find. It is a part of Weaponsmith’s equipment. You just need to find one in a village and you will see the Grindstone there. You need any pickaxe to get it as the Grindstone doesn’t drop if you try to break it with bare hands. The breaking time is:

  • Bare Hands – 10s
  • Wooden Pickaxe – 1.5s
  • Stone Pickaxe – 0.75s
  • Iron Pickaxe – 0.5s
  • Diamond Pickaxe – 0.4s
  • Netherite Pickaxe – 0.35s
  • Golden Pickaxe – 0.25s

These are basic breaking times that can be improved with something else, like enchantments.

Finding a weaponsmith or village may be a simple task, but the Grindstone is not the item that is worth it. You can simply craft it with common items. The first thing you have to find is a tree. You just need one Log that you will cut into 4 Planks. Two of them should be used to craft sticks. Just put one Plank above another in any crafting menu and you will get sticks. Now you have the most of ingredients you need to craft the Grindstone.

The last thing is Stone Slab. You have to mine 3 blocks of Stone to get Cobblestone and melt it into Stone. Then just put it in a horizontal line in the crafting menu and get your Stone Slab.

When you finally have 2 Sticks, 2 Planks, and 1 Stone Slab, you can craft the Grindstone. Put the Stone Slab at the top of the middle column on the crafting menu. Then put 2 Sticks on both sides of the slab. Finally, put 2 Planks below Sticks and get your Grindstone.

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How to Get a Grindstone in Minecraft


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