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How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Your new home in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is full of useful resources to gather for crafting tools and gifts for your friends. Some of these resources are abundant and can be found easily as you wander the island trying to complete quests, while others are tougher to find and a little more rare! Rubber is one the slightly rarer items, a bit like Iron Ore, and can only be found in a few spots in one area of the map. If you are having trouble finding Rubber to make gifts for your new friends, read on to find out some hints and tips on how to find it more easily in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Where to Get Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Rubber can be a little elusive as it is a rare ingredient only found in the Seaside Resort area of the map, and it is not as abundant as Sticks or Sand Dollars. Luckily Rubber is easy to spot due to it being a colorful ball that stands out against the sand or grass where it usually lies.

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While searching for Rubber in the Seaside Resort, it is best to check near bushes and at the base of trees. It is occasionally found nearer to the coast, by rocks or under palm trees, and even on fences. You should be looking out for a striped ball colored dark blue, light blue, and purple. Rubber seems to only be used in one recipe at the moment which is Water Balloons. Water Balloons are crafted as a gift for Badtz-Maru, the jokester of the island who loves playing tricks and pranks on people. The Water Balloon requires three Rubber balls to create one balloon so if you need a few balloons then you may need to search over a couple of days to find enough Rubber!

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Some quests or daily tasks also require you to collect Rubber and craft with it so it is good to stock up on it every time you play, even if you have no reason to use it right at that moment. Just like with every other resource, Rubber will respawn every day (and usually in the same places!) so gather it up when you see it so you have enough to craft whatever you need it.

You should gather and stock up with every resource in Hello Kitty Island Adventure whenever you can because you never know when you will be given a quest or task that requires some rare ingredients!

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How to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure