Gary The Poisoner is an NPC in High On Life whom you will find in Blim City after you have progressed a decent portion of the game. He is a unique NPC who talks about poisoning all the water in Blim City. There’s a lot more to him, and as a result, many players want to know how to find Gary The Poisoner in High On Life. 

How To Find Gary The Poisoner in High On Life


You will find Gary The Poisoner in Blim City, right behind your house, near the stairs, peeping into your house’s window. Though, you won’t find him at the beginning of the game. 

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During our playthrough, we encountered him for the first time after completing the fourth bounty. If you don’t know, the Skrendel Brothers bounty is fourth in line that you can take on and complete to weaken G3 Cartel. 

We found Gary The Poisoner behind our house when we took the fifth bounty, Dr. Giblets. To see him, get out of your house and take the right path; keep moving until you reach your house’s back portion. There you will find Garry. 

While working on this guide, we used a new save file with only 9-Torg defeated, and we couldn’t find Gary The Poisoner at his usual location. So it is best if you progress the game till the said bounties and then look for him.

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to find Gary The Poisoner in High On Life. 

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High On Life is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S platforms. 

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How To Find Gary The Poisoner in High On Life


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