How To Get The Secret Ending in High On Life

High on Life (2)

Squanch Games’ High On Life is a unique and thrilling game that allows you to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where you get to play as a bounty hunter who must save the earth using their various skills and alien-like weapons against hordes of enemies across different stages.

There are lots of memorable characters with different personalities in the game, some of which will make you laugh with their comedic humor and facial expressions. A lot of new games are lately adding secret endings for players to find, so here’s how to get the Secret Ending in High On Life.

How To Get The Secret Ending in High On Life

First off, you’ll have to complete the game and even watch as the credits finish rolling. Afterward, you’ll be back to the game’s main menu, then select continue to keep playing. Now use the Bounty-5000 in your house and head towards the planet selection menu.


Once there, choose the ‘Clugg’s Office’ in Nova Sanctis and then steal the keycard from their desk. Now go back home and enter the planet selection menu once again and select the new ‘unknown sector’ option. Then head to the spawn point called ‘Human Haven’ and upon entering the lobby, fly up to the platforms with your jetpack until you get to the balcony.

Now find a door with a red sign that says “No Trespassing.” Then use the keycard you stole from Clugg’s Office to access the door which will lead you through various rooms until you meet an enemy that you’ve previously encountered in the game.

From that point on, you’ll get the Secret Ending in High On Life and we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you so it’s better you experience it yourself. There’s a tiny bit of story left to experience and although the actual gameplay time is rather short, the Secret Ending might just make up for it.

High on Life is now available exclusively for Xbox and PC.

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How To Get The Secret Ending in High On Life


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