How to Find Every New Block in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Minecraft Wild Update Release Date for Bedrock Edition

Mojang introduces a stream of features ranging from exciting mobs to new blocks and items with every major Minecraft update. Minecraft version 1.19, titled The Wild Update, has added lots of unique blocks. In this guide, you can learn about every new block in Minecraft 1.19 update and how to get them.

List of New Blocks in Minecraft 1.19 Update


Froglight is a new light source block added in Minecraft 1.19 update. As plausible from its name, froglight blocks are obtained through frogs. When a frog eats a small magma cube, it drops a froglight block. Players will get one of these three variants depending on the frog’s colour: pearlescent, verdant, or ochre.


Frogs create frogspawn after they are bred. Players can breed two frogs by feeding them slimeballs in Minecraft. After mating, one frog searches for a water block and lays a frogspawn on it. There is no way to obtain frogspawn as it breaks when mined, even using Silk Touch.

Mangrove blocks

The Wild Update added a new type of tree called mangroves. Like other trees, it also has unique leaves, logs, planks, and other blocks. Players can find mangrove trees in mangrove swamps. From one mangrove tree, players can obtain the following blocks:

  • Mangrove leaves
  • Mangrove log
  • Mangrove planks
  • Mangrove propagule
  • Mangrove roots
  • Mangrove wood
  • Muddy mangrove roots

Mud, packed mud, and mud bricks

Mud brick Minecraft

Players can find mud blocks naturally generated in mangrove swamps. Instead of searching for this biome, players can also choose to make mud by using water bottles on dirt blocks. After obtaining mud, add wheat to it to make packed mud blocks. With four packed mud blocks, players can finally craft mud bricks.

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Sculk blocks

How to Use Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

The Wild Update adds four new types of sculk blocks:

  • Sculk
  • Sculk catalyst
  • Sculk shrieker
  • Sculk vein

All sculk blocks can be found generating naturally in deep dark caves. Sculk blocks are also created when a mob dies near a sculk catalyst. Players can get a sculk catalyst by defeating a warden.

Reinforced deepslate

Reinforced deepslate generates only in the ancient city. Unfortunately, it is an unobtainable block and can only be obtained in creative mode or through cheats. Reinforced deepslate has an insanely high blast resistance like bedrock blocks.

Finding the new blocks is one of the first few things Minecrafters do when a major update drops. The Wild Update has creepy sculk blocks and pretty building blocks like mangrove wood and mud.

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How to Find Every New Block in Minecraft 1.19 Update


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